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Archive for May, 2009

Childhood Obesity Functional Medicine

In this article Dr. Michael Lyon, medical director of the Canadian Centre for Functional Medicine, discusses treating childhood obesity with a functional medicine approach.  The article continues discuss the founding of  new weightloss camp in Squamish this spring. The  camp is the first of it’s kind located in Canada and will be open to youth between […]

Functional Medicine and Women’s Sleep

In this article Dr, Weymouth, a practitioner of Functional Medicine discusses the connection between the need need for Women to stay well fed and thus get optimal sleep. She discusses some of her experiences with patients. In specific situations in which the patient claims to not feel  feel hungry but  on a nutritional level they […]

Lack of Sleep May be Connected to Belly Fat

Here is an interesting article which draws a connection between lack of sleep and belly fat. The Canadian Centre for Functional Medicine in Vancouver has run several clinical trials  in which several of the participants have reported sleeping better after weight-loss.  In specific the article discusses how dramatic fluctuations in their blood sugar throughout the night can effect […]

The Mucosal Barrier Function Test – The Gut Connection to Allergies

Allergies are overreactions of the immune system. The immune system is a very complex interconnected network, comprising the various different white blood cells (lymphocytes, granulocytes, macrophages, mast cells), as well as the entire system of mucous membranes throughout the body, but especially in the digestive system, where specialized lymphatic tissue, called Peyer’s patches, and an […]