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Functional Medicine University Preview Webinar (0)

This Monday (October 5, 2009) at 6pm PST 9 PM EST the Functional Medicine University will be holding a preview webinar of it’s online university which specilizes in training physicians and practitioners in the field of Functional Diagnostic Medicine. The online training in Functional Medicine offers 24×7 online access to an extensive archive of learning materials. If you […]

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Functional Diagnostic Medicine (0)

Functional Diagnostic Medicine is a growing field of modern medicine. It offers a giant step forward in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of many of societys chronic diseases. Doctors practicing functional diagnostic medicine are able to identify the real causes of many health conditions by combining the results of scientifically documented tests. These are not […]

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    ADHD and Functional Medicine (0)

    Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD or ADHD) is a neurobehavioral developmental disorder. It affects about 3 to 5% of children with symptoms starting before seven years of age. ADHD treatment begins with the proper diagnosis by a certified practitioner or doctor. Often times ADHD can coexist with other disorders and identifying them is crucial in determining the […]

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    Childhood Obesity Functional Medicine (Comments Off)

    In this article Dr. Michael Lyon, medical director of the Canadian Centre for Functional Medicine, discusses treating childhood obesity with a functional medicine approach.  The article continues discuss the founding of  new weightloss camp in Squamish this spring. The  camp is the first of it’s kind located in Canada and will be open to youth between […]

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    Functional Medicine: Pregnancy & Childbirth (2)

    Pregnancy & Childbirth are can be one of the most memorable & celebratory experiences of any woman’s life. While modern healthcare offers many options & practices around pregnancy and childbirth, which one works best to provide the women with the most nourishing holistic care? How can a mother to be most supported in having the […]

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      Functional Medicine & Children Getting Started Early (1)

      As a parent, the health of your childern is your first priority. Being actively involved in your health care decisions allow you to make informed choices  while  keeping you  in-the-know. How do you navigate the every complex and changing world of health care especially when children are involved. Often times’ pediatrician’s only provides a one-sided […]

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        The Mucosal Barrier Function Test – The Gut Connection to Allergies (0)

        Allergies are overreactions of the immune system. The immune system is a very complex interconnected network, comprising the various different white blood cells (lymphocytes, granulocytes, macrophages, mast cells), as well as the entire system of mucous membranes throughout the body, but especially in the digestive system, where specialized lymphatic tissue, called Peyer’s patches, and an […]