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Functional Medicine: Pregnancy & Childbirth

Women's HealthPregnancy & Childbirth are can be one of the most memorable & celebratory experiences of any woman’s life. While modern healthcare offers many options & practices around pregnancy and childbirth, which one works best to provide the women with the most nourishing holistic care?

How can a mother to be most supported in having the best experience during this physically and emotionally demanding time?

During an average pregnancy / postpartum women can commonly experience a wide variety of  changes from depression to anxiety, soreness,  reduced  libido, and overall discomfort.

Working with a Functional Medicine Doctor or practitioner can often offer women with a better understanding for the changes they are experiencing as well as a way in which to work with these changes.

Implementing a personalized approach to medicine which focuses on primary prevention and whole body health care.

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  1. Hi, i’m actually running a workshop in London on pre & post natal nutrition, and will definitely be talking about the functional medicine approach


  2. Thanks for you posting.
    My sister in law took a personalized approach to that focused primary prevention through holistic medicine. According to her she was connected in so many ways to the birth. So much so that she went that way the second time too.

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