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The Functional Medicine Family

fft3 The optimal family of the 21st century will be one which will have both have both access and resources to make empowered and relevant  family health care decisions.

These health care choices will be both sustainable and balanced; based upon principles found in within complementary holistic functional medicine.

In specific primary prevention models  for family wellness will be applied in achieving and maintaining these results.

This will also include working with a FM Doctors  and specialized Functional Medicine practitioners to achive and maintain optimal family health care and wellness.

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Dr. Ronald Grisanti has been a practicing chiropractic physician since 1981. In addition to earning his doctorate in chiropractic medicine, Dr. Grisanti is a board certified chiropractic orthopedist and board certified sports physician. He also holds a master’s degree in nutritional science from the University of Bridgeport.

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